Sunday, May 29, 2016

775 days, a series of big days, and a honeymoon later.

775 days since my last post.
 People. It has been long. Surely not that long?! but yes it has been that long. 888 days. Seated here at MacDonald's - Woodlands Civic Centre on a Sunday morning while Cel's serving our God with her voice of song.


 Too many things has changed. Lots to catch up on here. So let's start.

             -+ I got married to an amazing woman. ______-@

    Yes for real. I'm a married man now.
Lots of tags that come along with that I guess, now a chore handler, a more attractive guy (to some), unavailable, off the market for good, part of a trilogy, and many more that I'm only starting of comprehend. It feels amazing. The day I proposed - the day God decided to let the fate of the of many on-board still-missing flight MH370 start a lingering mystery. March 8th 2014.

That was my 499th day since Cel kissed me on my lips leaving me stunt like vegetable.
                 ------ ;--+ ==-            -===+~~^^*
her tears flowed that night later. her realization of what has happened. we got engaged. (or maybe how terrible my attempt to serenade her with my crooning with the ukulele was)

Then the journey of prepping for the big day. Or series of big days I shall say. First the registry of marriage (ROM in local SG talk) on the May 20th 2015. Then why a separate day? Because of our Canadian PR story. details for another post. But yes first the ROM, then the Marriage Blessing on the 17th October 2015. A beautiful warm sunny Sunday. friends and colleagues from all over came. ABB friends form a big part of the lot. Blessed by Pastor Ivan. We were truly blessed. The message meant for us.
24th Oct 2015 - smiling, running on adrenaline mid-way through the our wedding! 

Vowing before God. Chapel of Christ the Redeemer. 17th Oct 2015

 ()()()() Do not fear. ()()())

   --Mac's inhouse radio station mix plays some good tracks. a pity the din in the restaurant means that no one will ever enjoy 'em like it was meant to be.   -----00--

-------post church wedding --

then fullerton.
a luncheon.
beautiful. she looked like princess from my dreams. tears of joy. tears of thanks. all flowed and of course lots of my perspiration too.

Us and our guests, Straits Room, Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
72 hours later after the above moment. we landed in SFO airport. and our honeymoon adventure began. we saw so much. Yosemite's half-dome, the deer, the people who lived with space. the space the land. the skies, drove through deserts, dust swarms, be a consumerist, cooked in a wood cottage. Got lost, drove offroad, got stuck, met fussy airbnb hosts, soak in renaissance culture, watch the bees and the hummingbirds, picnic at the beach, cover 500km in a single epic drive. unforgettable.

72 hours from fullerton. 

I need to stay cold to stay fresh. 
tioga pass, yosemite national park, CA 

some rocks

it's hard to deny God when standing facing this.

Used CD hunting at Amoeba, San Francisco.

Jazz + steak + wine. Perfection. Outskits, San Francisco.

the majestic golden gate. this time no fog. 

more to come. another about 2 weeks we are returning to north america again. this time with a different mission. to scout for a landing point. oh yes. we got our Canadian PR. approved. in lapidem. it's a fact and i'm still reeling form the news one week old.

laters.   _________C_____

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pre-Similan Dive Trip

Hello world.

Changi T1. The same routine. Again™.

This time a AirAsia bird I await, Fiancee beside me, on her iPad, glued to screens, we both disappeared into the crowd of them that infests most international airports. 

   ++++++++++++ # ------

  It'll go on. 
Whale sharks, and more, we'll see.

Cob has landed. more laters.


Monday, December 23, 2013

 ++ -- ++**//**_____@


silkair bird awaiting my deserving self & cel. It's been such a year, and i'm gonna end it dipping into the seas off manado,suluwasi,indonesia.

my 2nd dive trip. pray i see turtles.

been such a year, did i say? up and downs were in such frequencies my mind almost didn't caught up! it got lost some way along the way i'm sure. but it got back alright.

chrismas overseas will be my first. and i'm gonna miss my family's traditional christmas lunch! :(
but i'll have my love by my side. it'll work too, since i left bread to break for them and hopfully it'll do to represent me as they eat of it. hmm.


here now in t2, changi, Singapore. It's gonna be great i'm sure. the pa calls. gtg. alright world, i love you. keep the ocean teeming please!!


Wednesday, July 31, 2013


hail, the facts of life.
A traumatic day Tuesday yesterday. 30th-July-2013

First at 12.50pm. an accident witness i became.
bloodied hands, a confused victim, bleeding of course though conscious and non-dilated pupils, i pray he is ok, or perhaps a concussed state is still good. (what's so bad?!)
then the greater trauma - some revelation from her.

                 -----**----***----******--**-*-**-*-------*----- 88--

i'm still reeling from a combined of the above.
i'm at T2, Changi, Singapore.
i'm about 3-gates from my metal bird. silky.
i'm entering new island - Java. a legandary island name.
i'm hoping nothin's too new or old with respect to come parts of my life.

i'm in blue, and feeling colourless.
i'm hearing some loud beeps and wish i'm hearing her voice.
some day should this be read, i want to know she's right beside. for the next 1 to 50 years this is read after it's birth. god. i pray to you.


Sunday, October 21, 2012


*dusty curtain lifts*

the hiatus had been long, too long people. it took the form of a valley that was deep and the trough did not made itself visible when I was in it. scrary, but it lifted some fears and made me somewhat alive.

                                   ( * )--

       just glad i did not take the doors that seemed ajar as leopard crawled through that dark valley.
               I'm alive still anyway, amen to that!

                                                           __ __  __----''''

     after the trip to Seattle/Vancouver, the blocks came atumbling, then a quickie 48-hour trip to India and then an even quicker hop to Manila lasting only less then 24 hours, the trip count for this year is now four.
not too shabby on its own. really. and of course an Elite Gold card got sent my way. not bad, not bad at all!

                then Jun was in and out. and Cel showed up. She popped in as a harmless massage, interested in my varied interests she quipped. Appealing she found. hmm, that sure got my interest on that site that has been forgotten and yet fed like a parasite on my wallet leaks. 

##--##   it'll be strange like an alien to anyone who holds the more traditional ideals on love, relationships, wars and life. it's like a fast-forwarded VHS, not too clear, but the characters were vivid and strong. and things happen.

happened it sure did. she's seated beside me, our second meet at the airport. first prior to my hop to Manila. I'll continue to be diabetic, if she stays that sweet and polite. But man, it makes me feel alive again, like a stoner wearing off the senses back. It's a pretty good feeling. multiple firsts all in a row kinda indicates this could be on to something. let's see Cel, if you (Cel) ever read this, drop me a text now! to holler a response, so that I know.


          society is a myriad collection of senses and triggers and incidents that will sublimate into memories, locked up in each and every participant's mind. for now, the larger lady on my right had some issues i gathered, her responses when some hot chick trod past, and she removed her boots that hugged her feet under her rather too short dresss. they (the feet) sure needed some airing, but Starbucks@T2? wrong place mdm i say. i wish her some luck, perhaps she's distracted in some toughts, some unmet-wants. I don't know. hope she's fine, and no one would avoid her if she kept her boots on...then again, how would one tell her?

Cel's still hard at work. the in-transit white man on her left fidgeted a little more then the usual tired one would, maybe he's needing some hash. too bad he's in a fine city.
ya know Cel, one day if we re-read this together, I wish to be holding thy hands. yea.


             all else, the months look like what life is about. the unknown and exciting.

           God, set thy path to draw me back closer to thee!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

*bows* Pre-flight leak.
It's another new year, and I'm still reeling, happily I assure you, from the bash I had in the same room in Manchester with the smashing pumpkins. woo.

Penning this while tapping my poor feet to the tunes of the recorded their gigs in Viper Room.

I've missed the recent trip, my first to Krabi, Thailand. Ain't much, perhaps if didn't fulfil my expectations that were heighten by those I had with Mich to Phuket, never will be till...I pray later?

Awaiting the big bird again, B777-300ER, this time over the big basin to San Francisco/Seattle.
under the kingdom of ABB, never could imagined a trip to freedom land on the house man.

 -------------------( ) -------- ++

I've an nudging feeling that it might just be The Almighty's plan for me for bigger things to come. I wonder,
but damn! I'll be at the mercy of many, stuck in the midst of the skanks of the jet, I hope my neighbours will be nice, and hot, or at least worth chatting to.  +++


Changi's feeling warm like a third-world airport. warm and stuffed. yucks.

So, ahoy! Seattle, music, chicks, coffee and whatever man...bring it on!

I'm smiling! I'm smiling!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Pre.


An interesting one. She popped. Out, I mean, from no where, then again I know where! 
& she's a reader now.
many entries were owned to you readers, my highnesses. Mere writer me, served the ABB kingdom well, to earn the contents that I'll spew later. I promise.


Eleven times this majestic year. 

meow, maybe Dec holds more! I'm gonna pray on.

Damn, clock. do you always have to turn so quick a pace? Behold my curt curse. 

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Just somehow, this is the nineth trip this year. T3 again.

I'm kinda excited this time round. Work's set for the year.
Heart's lot more settled too.

Gate A4. The announcement went on, asking the privileged and the kids or infant owners to get up front. On a second note, what the privilege of boarding first? Hmm,

Well, up ahead, a 13hour plus flight to land of the Alps. Awesome man. Looks like I've done pretty well.

More to come. I pray for more wifi there..whee!


May snow unhindered themselves!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011



so here. at changi T2. prior to flight to capital de boleh land.
kinda a new thing. as this post title might have hinted: driving to the airport, taking to the air, then to another city for a fruitful meeting and discussion of the completion of a project that will add on to the thousand-strong global army of drilling machines. then flying back and driving home.

All in a day. Sounds fun. jetsetting. I hope it'll gel. this trip.

what do i need now. a bomb session and perhaps a little catnap/

Silky be the flight silkair promised.



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Genetic motherland

I've been trying real hard to coin a phrase for my destination this time...homeland? Surely not. Motherland? Nay say too.

Then it hit me, during a late shower. Genetic motherland!


So hers I come...Xi'an!!!!

Home of the first dynasty of China. Home of e terracotar warriors!!

I fly, and I will shoot, and I will bring back a warrior!

My fav gal pals are away too...hmm...


Jiang hua yu!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Europe v.2


this time round, 2nd hop to the zone where Kings and Queens once ruled and reigned.

  -- + --

       so much difference this time, more driven, and driving, and kinda spaced out. still spaced from a void so fucking gaping i'd still exhale.

now the intercom has to come. Flight nadah blah to Amsterdam. Here I come space'd out folks.

Experiment psychosis and cannabis commerced 13.25hours from half hour.
B777-200  --> hope the jet is refitted.

             -------( 0 )---

    so cobra came, and so did Jing. and gifts and my beloved folks and Melvin of course. I gonna miss my car. Hope she'll run fine and far and bite the road amidst the roadies and rolling thunders. well the Juney too.

I'll miss all of you. 30th Birthday alone, let's see how it gonna roll. babes galore started already - grins -

laters' SPACE OUT.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The first Again ™ off the jinglekel

Again ™.

Strangely this moment, this afternoon come across like a dejuvu.
The Lush 99.5 tunes, the bright Sunday rays, humid, heavy air yet I'm in the comfort of latté.
I sighed away some frowns and then I smiled. A friend disconnected, a heart with aplenty number of misaligned tugs. And I found myself not brave enough to revisit my perfect memories that did remain as what they are, perfect. Sighs.
Maybe I need to resume my usuals, my swims, my runs and music.  Girls and food I need cut down.  I wonder how if I should fit in hers, sometimes I may face a barrier and soon the heart strings entangles without first appearing, that's the danger I think.


How is tis gonna roll out beats me, I'm wishing the result eludes me for the moment, in fact even for the next few months if I may.
God, your coming seems far, remind me, in ways to cruel, come remind me your impending coming.

mailed off the pad on Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 3:10 PM

Friday, June 24, 2011


it had been a week. I wondered if the way things go are as right as it should have felt?

I mused aloud a few times.. Too vocal she said.
Then the clouds came. They hung heavy, a few times the phone calls resulted in refreshing breezes that blew them away, but still I realized they centered above me..


I can't remember why, or what was the milestone. Perhaps it was my forgetfulness, damn my past concussions. They hunt me still..sighs aways.

God, if this isna trial, it's a little too real. If it's biblical, point me to the lessons. I doubt if it's biblical, for I can hardly share with anyone. And then mistakes at work, then I realized she's still here. And she brought true comfort.

It's gonna be a tougher period a week. I'm super sure of that now.


Monday, April 25, 2011


post-meow'ed. later====>   Term.three.

so, i'm planted and i shall await jinger' aka turtle (turt).

a good trip. pitcher plants -checked, work -checked, potentials -checked, wild-life -checked, stars -checked, liberation progression -checked, jungle trek -checked. it seems good. for my soul too.'


I'm peeling too. from the sun's works on me, and the rays of liberation.  couple of hundreds poorer later (or now), I'm feeling richer. more confident to take on nature perhaps. the ??plateu?? the mosses and the steeps. broke a step, swam aside a jelly, greeted some urchins, perhaps, I need to see what I really want now.

a partner is great, to maintain my sanity, and keeping me in check. in reality check.

so perhaps now, after this 2 hour wait up ahead later, a local chow be good.


home is home.


Thursday, April 21, 2011


meow. the city beacons.

so another flight within a bird. [red] this time, again.

a mix of business (tinge), romance, naturalism, god, Her, two ladies, dude, and some new greens.
Lord, i pray i return refreshed. and nostalgicalised with this return to my ex-motherland. where my father calls motherland. where i murdered about a thousand black ants, 50 bugs, 50 snails, 1 cicada, 1 scorpion and hugged my fav white doggy. i wonder how's she in canine heaven.

                                                 --**--++--**--  ^^

                           Terminal 0ne. so this is where it'll start, some changes i observed, over the last 4 years, net terminals in airports globally has lost their drawing interest. perhaps the Pads and the Books has obsoleted them. 'cept for the short trippers like me o thine.


Shu's still strong, and Jinger is too. I wonder how this plays out. tho' I'm getting more alone times now, and perhaps a new found love from self-walks livens me.


Cobra's mum has returned to the Lord. Rest in peace aunty. you're an inspiration and  a beacon among the hustle that reminded that the Lord's shine trancends time and humanity. during those dark moments of spartial agony, you yourself brought HIS light to us. amazing.
your legacy lives one. respect, love & hsss...the cobras and turtle loves you.

so now, cobra & dad's kinda a renewed phase. lovely and heartwarming. simply. Love the theme.

             >>>>>>>>>>>> '0' <<


             so the bat rocks on, christen with a white cross, he rocks on. 9.36 says my new green. 130minutes to flight. i await the turbojets, 30,000rpm, eat that you mere cars!

               Onward, meow.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

48 days later

48 days since my last revelation. 

Again that span of days has been eventful.


Randomness has me meeting up old pals, so long gone, I've seriously thought they migrated. Christ.
good thing, no stranglets were felt. that was good. it was comforting. ya knowing that previous truths, remained so.

a moment of pause existed, but oh so brief, it actually highlighted the moments that preluded and followed it. 
jun pulled away. and I relented. tough it was, I did let. but nohing but a week, and the gap mounted. feeling heavier then it actually was ever. So it snap. the pull-away. snapped and the flux pulled us upon us both. perhaps thats the strings that has tainted us both. ya know, like when your hands held a rope, tied too tight. those marks they leave behind. well. juney. i guess. those double dots still are bold.

                                + = +

Shoe. a mere presence in text. but yet stronger then many others that existed in flesh. wonder if it'll be start of something. honestly. I wished for it. the frequency of similarities too acute. uncanny. unprepared. I pray. 
so 'De Change' marks a change. 


of Christines and shrooms, of concrete dwellings that were order and built and billed, yet declined. of more months of june.and vegetable sticks that were crisps but turns brown if left alone. what all that brings, I'll leave in His hands. 

like the Excitation portfolio that just got exciting, now some strings are left behind, but i found myself i lorn and lost, her mum called. and shared the tears and sigh. I'll add to that score of sighs. multiple times.

                                - sigh -
    wonder if she still reads.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

piece of me.

I gotta get this mind leak down.

I once let myself, slowly, but willingly, get morphed. Into someone I thought is my true self. my destiny. But I'm not sure about that now. that someone is special. who morphed me. my thoughts and beliefs. into a sum of two individuals, and that empowered me. it was greater then the sum, I did became.
for almost eternity I stood at the end of the aisle. awaiting, for it seems the time was ripe. everything else awaits.
but perhaps it was a divined intervention, the wait waited on.
of late, someone took a piece of me. and I let that person did. I let it happened, then strings were pulled and tugged. some broke. the thing is I let it happen.
perhaps I should never let this happen again.

Inspired by C.Yang - Grey's Anatomy @Sunway Resort


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

O.f.m. DeadEnded

simple letters, yet it still define a huge part of my existence. 
               foo fighters plays their tunes to my ears, which surrounds my frowns. whilst the starbuck dwellers do their thingy on sleek screens.

                        i'm been asked to ask myself, what do i seek. then again, do i wanna seek now? when surrounded by thorns, both potent and what not, sharp and the invisible, the hairy and prickly. when in such spaces, or rather bind, i rather be paralyzed. immobile. 
           I read O.f.m. I suggested that she read it too, come'on its only 10 entries. meanwhile, I seek some crossroads, means of escapism, lasted in some non-sustainable plan of existence. boy, it ain't sweet, those paths that were seemingly coated with sugar, but those crystals have sharp edges, they cut while they sweeten my crust. 

deep down, I claimed, I'm ready to rock and roll on. ya know, leave the pad, continue the haunt. 

                  **  NO!.

       deeper down: it's fruitless, this loop, like a mellotron, its destined to tear the reels. I don't know. perhaps I really don't know.empty smiles become real, sighs becomes honest. I think, the epitome of lost is kinda manifested in true glory in me.

so, the cycle goes, 70+ and still going. come on dear. I'm lost as you are, steer us. back, I dare say. steer us back.

God, your hands, give some, need thee now. 

work's going a little haywire. perhaps the existence of the G*H has a detrimental effects on my happiness.
no, perhaps I really don't know. again.

Friday, September 10, 2010

dark clouds

I resisted writing on this because I prayed that it'll be over in a phase, in a blink. and yet amidst the piles of prep work i have due monday, i decided it's best i do.

just minutes ago, i wrote a difficult email. with shivering hands and body. not sure what cause it, but surely not the rainy day chill. and again, minutes before that - i'm surprised but gladly so, that i'm still hold on to a hope, and that the minutes before - an email reply to me, jolts me. hard. no tears did not flow but it was as painful i guess.

call me a wimp people, but few things affect me as bad. maybe michelle. maybe a dying love one and maybe the fear of having no hope or future. but that's about it. and the three kinda the same in some aspects.

On a Roller Coaster:
I've threw up many times I think. mind leak. and it came out as tears or explicits and some other hurts. that's what happen when the ride lasted too long.

I',m sick of writing now.


Saturday, August 07, 2010

"today is the greatest, day i've ever known." - the smashing pumpkins

today is the greatest day i ever known.
i worship individualism, even as i rant on, this post, about the moments. 'The moments.' so there was a fight within, as a sublime in completeness amidst the true pumpkins heads...
SingFest: during setup prior to the smashing pumpkins' set. trademark bass lid of the new smashing pumpkins album visible.

  the smashing pumpkins.

the smashing pumpkins: rocking my universe in completion.

myself & (michette) paid 350 for this. this moment. the moments. ten times more, and i'll still say i'll go for it.they came onstage about 12.10am. friday morning and rocked the night. started with Ava Adore. can't believed it sounded so beautiful and complete live, never thought i'll like that song in full.

     the set:
ava adore
bleeding the orchid
song for a son
united states
doomsday clock
disarm (almost solo)
cherub rock
stand inside your love
love is the sweetest thing (ukulele)
tonight tonight

the lineup leading the smashing pumpkins were the usual rock acts. aussie, canadians, locals etc...
but man, credit to them all. wonder if they understood the grandeur of sharing the stage with the legend.

i rocked the night. crashed the crowds. skimmed the mosh pits. agreed in shouting with fellow pumpkin heads. shouted 'billy' till voiceless. sang every single song in their set. (yes including the new ones, i surprised myself.), jumped like never before, and even almost blackout. and above all, i held onto my michette's arms with my sticky drenched arms in tow, as we sang together with the smashing pumpkins.

ranked high in my worthless history books. historic. like my first 24hours on earth. like my engagement to michette. like my first kiss. like watching the pumpkins played for the first time.

i guess, few might frown from the way i monolithically described the set. but the again, few know me enough perhaps. i'm marrying michette for sure, for even she said, after the set, as we walked to latte, hands entagled, legs wobbly, bade'd farewells to cobra&Co. in weaken state and husky voice: she has new found respect for billy corgan, and he was cool.

billy, thanks for the show. i doubt you even saw me, wearing the SP tee. but hey, hearts&respect. rock on, keep the smashing pumpkins going. the world needs pumpkins planet.

tonight, tonight.


Sunday, June 27, 2010


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

milestone june.

June 2010. 

A month, a moment marked deeply in the my history book.


period of many smiles, two smooches too little, infinity number of seconds too short, crazy swings in confidence, furry worries, million-dollar cancellations, late nights of work and dreams, weddings and monies, surprises of the good and the worst, stress but of course, and beautiful days, prayers for close friends and mums, realizations of my distance from Almighty. and million sighs too many...sighs.


one of my furry friend, the Ham of Ham&Cheese, passed on 23 hours ago, 1.04am 21-June-2010. 
lifeless body was found slumped just under his favorite resting place - the cracked wheel.
badly missed, will be his cutest ethics, doing his leopard crawl on his back under the wheel and then munching away....and his craziest habit of running in circles for tens of minutes without stopping. his violent nature of biting any human skin when its feeding or food refill time. crazy hammie.

everyone, me & mich misses you. buried now, may you rest in peace. Cheese misses you too, even though you'd love to bite his ears off his fat head~


            many pals & buddies are getting wedded and getting into advanced parenthood. but hey, the ride's cool for me and mich, no pressure, just cruising. and i took lots of comfort in that, that she comforts me when I get impatient. its gonna be hard in a world of michless truths.


Jun. June. an explosion. tagged with ABB life, late works. & typos. a momento. :-)


     I pray that Mei's mummy gets well soon. God, may you heal her in ways that you work always magically. I also prays that joe's mum's spirit stays strong, and that time and will is all part of your master plan and works. may your angels place your words in their hearts as they look upon you for strength, courage and love. may your blessings be upon their families too. amen.

God. come, continue your carving of moats around me, even as you bridges me to your likeness. Upon thee, the almighty.

Sunday, May 16, 2010



a new pipe, for my leaks. lick up Peeps.\m/,

Friday, May 14, 2010


hello world.
 stealing a blog before the world of work and de bustle of the hustles arrives.

 and i've lately forgotten, humanity is far beyond work. performances and figures. beyond the signs of recovery that all analyst deemed the entire world is looking for.
                 Humanity are moments of pausing everything else, to look at each other and exchange hugs. moments  that cannot be exchanged for explanations or objectives. instances that we wish we can reverse or make time stand still.
                             "If only...", I've came to realise we ask so often.

   so mei's blog reminded me. cobra's rant and his photog exploits helped too. God. where was I recently, no where except coup in my own cage, self-feeding faux despair and grim nothingness.

                     and even some mistakes made, did not help.

    BUT: God made us after time was created. That means we are creatures created in his time. what does that mean......

   Praying for us all, for the eternally faithful one wants that. amen.   -|-

Sunday, March 28, 2010

new post v0.1

hey there & Again.

least I gotta do, some glory for my all black thy eyes be fed.

14.Mar.2010_0100hrs. East Coast beach,Singapore with Cobra
15sec@ISO200 F/2.8

17.Mar.2010 Quest for Immortality, National History Museum,Singapore
an ancient mummy of the kingdom of egypt, while she have been sleeping
 for the past 2500 years.she wasn't snoring.

21.Mar.2010_1130hrs. Botanic gardens, central Singapore with Mich.
a shot of the finer works by the hands of god.

13.Mar.2010_1946hrs. jap eatery, orchard rd with old pals.
look closely, beautiful diffraction of photons, amazing physics laws.
un-noticed, while they munched on.

+----------------------=( NEW ZEALAND )=----------------------+

9.Feb.2010 1800hrs. Downtown Napier, North, New Zealand.
past a skate store, closed for the day. yes, at 6pm. smoko' kiwi-way

12.Feb.2010 2200hrs. street poster, Christchurch, New Zealand. 
a gig I regret missing, read they rocked the house down that night. a waste.

12.Feb.2010 0800hrs Hotel, Napier,New Zealand. 
Last shots, prior to my leaving for office after checking out.
am missing the harsh UV rays in NZ. instant sun tanning.

12.Feb.2010 2200hrs. arcade joint, christchurch, New Zealand.
where I had my dinner, fish'n'chips amidst blistering loud trance and pinball din.
spacecake dessert was planned.

12.Feb.2010 2239hrs. shadows above a design house, christchurch, New Zealand.
prowling the streets for light to feed my lens. alone, liking it.

12-13.Feb.2010 2200-0200hrs. street scenes,Christchurch, New Zealand.
making love with my G11. mostly ISO200

and so my lens quest carries on. dont smile for me. OUT.